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Mission Statement

Agawam Council Board and Committees
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Agawam Council

Camp is governed by the Agawam Council Board of Directors. The Council is a non-profit corporation formed in 1985 to ensure that Agawam would continue to thrive as a summer camp after the retirement of the former directors and owners, Dave and Peg Mason. The Board helps oversee camping programs and works with our camp director to ensure an outstanding experience for our campers.

The Board of Directors is made up of Agawam alumni, parents, and friends who volunteer their time to further the mission of Agawam Council.

For further information on Agawam Council, please contact “Mander” Karen Malm at

Mission Statement

Agawam Council is an organization that provides a group living experience for young people through its programs: Camp Agawam and Main Idea at Camp Agawam. The nurturing, safe environment and facilities permit a wide variety of sports and learning activities. The ultimate goal is to promote personal growth, character, development of optimum potential and responsibility, leadership skills, enhancement of self-esteem, and awareness of community, beauty, truth, fortitude, and love for everyone involved with the organization.

Agawam Council Board and Committees


Peter H. Mason - President
H. Franklin Anthony, III - Vice-President
Alexander R. Cobb- Treasurer
Joseph B. Murray  - Secretary

Life Directors
Porter D. Caesar, II
Matthew M. Gardner, Jr.

Camp Director Emeritus
David W. Mason
Peg H. Mason

Trustee Emeritus
W. Marshall Schmidt

Term Directors
William H. Auerswald, Jr.
Thomas E. Barnard

Sloan J. Baxter

Daniel J. Cluchey
Arthur G. (“Chip”) Connolly, III

Jacob T. Creem

Robert L. Fryer
Jeffrey D. Henderer

Robert W. Holland

Meghan G. Lockwood

Andrew B. Rogers

Jeffrey T. Rose

Benjamin G. Small

James A. Waters
Karin J. Whitten


Young Alumni Representatives
Morgan S. Dunnan

Committee Members

Frederick C. Beddard

Matthew W. Benseler

Howard R. Blum

Eric R. Calhoun

James M. Carroll
Jeremy H. Cluchey
Scott N. Degerberg
Robert D. Demont

Jose Fernandez Richards

William B. Fleiss
Michael P. Forbes
Robert E. Gregg, Jr.

Dave Griffiths

Brian D. Grzymski

Deborah Hutchinson

Joshua D. Lemaitre

Robert F. Macdonald

Scott C. Malm

Sergio A. Mendoza

Murray H. Morse, Jr.
Joseph H. Norena
Stephen J. O’Leary

Oliver G.C. Reid
Benjamin B. Rogers

Jonathan T. Sands
Richard A. Schaberg

John M. Schmidt
Steven H. Slovenski

Alexander D. Spence

F. Russell Sprole

Jonathan K. Sprole

Paul S. Terkovich
Edward F. Tufaro

Peter B. Wilson, Jr.

Agawam Alumni Association Roster
David W. Ames
Erik H. Andrews
Mark F. Andrews
Garret M. Bensen
Frank Blauvelt
John S. Calhoun
Timothy D. Carnes
Timothy C. Crane
Timothy J. Creem
Amy D. Davis
Robert Dow
Peter T. Esty
Robert H. Fleiss
Thomas Gammill
Simon F. Gerson
William K. Glass
John T. Gorby
George J. Gould
Peter J. Gould
Andrew J. Greene
Robert E. Gregg, III
Walter H. Gregg
E. Livingston B. Haskell
Mark F. Hogan
Stephanie L. Hogan
Mark C. Jones
Marc Knevett

Brenton S. Locke
Appleton A. Mason
Byron Miller
Peter M. Moran
Stephen S. Murray
Stephen C. Nash
Nicholas J. Norena

Duncan A. Phillips
David H. F. Pragoff
E. Scott Pragoff
Zachary B. Rioux
Daniel Schuker
Jacob E. Shechtman
Patrick A. Wright

Agawam Council Committees

Agawam Council has a number of committees to support Board functions:

Development Committee - The Development Committee raises funds to carry out the corporate purpose. It works with the director, the director of development, the director of alumni relations, and the Communications and Alumni Relations Committee to solicit funds for the endowment, Main Idea, camperships, preservation, and other capital initiatives.

Development Committee Members
"Bos'n" Tom Barnard

"Sarge" Matt Benseler
"Guide" Howard Blum
"Capt." Pete Caesar
"Ranger" Jim Carroll
"Coach" Bob Demont

"Ace" Morgan Dunnan

Brian Grzymski

Jose Fernandez Richards
Mike Forbes
"Lt." Bob Fryer
"Colonel" Matt Gardner
Cathy Griffiths
"Ensign" Jeff Henderer

Bob Macdonald
Joe Norena

"Admiral" Darcy Phillips

"Commodore" Jeff Rose

"Cruiser" Jon Sands
"Cox’n" Rich Schaberg
"Major" Ben Small-Chair
Jon Sprole

The Finance Committee provides planning and oversight of the financial and investment affairs of the corporation. Duties include preparing budgets, reviewing operating performance, arranging for independent audits and reviews, assuring corporate conformity with state and federal tax laws, and planning and oversight of the Council's investment strategy.

The Budget Subcommittee oversees development of the annual Council budget and its implementation.

The Investment Subcommittee oversees investment of the Council’s endowment, preservation and other funds according to Board policies and in light of financial requirements and long-range plans.

The Audit Subcommittee provides oversight assistance to the Agawam Council Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility and accountability.

Finance Committee Members

"Bos'n" Frank Anthony
"Bos'n" Bill Auerswald

"Skipper" Fred Beddard
"Chips" Alex Cobb-Chair
"Bowman" Jake Creem
"Mander" Scott Degerberg
"Bos’n" Bob Holland
"Trapper" Oliver Reid
"Cox'n" Ben Rogers
Marsh Schmidt
Jon Sprole

"Sarge" Russell Sprole

"Ranger" Paul Terkovich
"FM" Ed Tufaro

"Admiral" Jamey Waters

Budget Sub-Committee Members
“Bos’n” Frank Anthony, Chair
"Chips" Alex Cobb
"Mander" Scott Degerberg
"Bos'n" Bob Holland
"Trapper" Oliver Reid

Investment Sub-Committee Members
"Chips" Alex Cobb - Chair
"Bowman" Jake Creem
"Mander" Scott Degerberg

"Sarge" Russell Sprole

Audit Sub-Committee Members
"Bos'n" Bill Auerswald - Chair
"Cox'n" Ben Rogers
Jon Sprole

"Ranger" Paul Terkovich
"FM" Ed Tufaro

The Plant Committee provides oversight of the physical assets of the corporation in regard to real property and long-term planning for capital needs. It helps the director of operations update the maintenance and replacement schedule for infrastructure and plan major facility improvements.

Plant Committee Members
"Bos'n" Tommy Barnard - Chair
"Ace" Morgan Dunnan

"Commodore" Bob Gregg
"Capt." Peter Mason

"Chips" Steve Slovenski
"Gimpy" Karin Whitten

“Admiral” Peter Wilson

The Communications & Alumni Relations Committee is charged with communicating the essence of Agawam, its needs and plans for the future to our constituency. It reviews plans for all communications vehicles, maintains alumni records, and organizes reunions and other alumni activities. The committee also helps create marketing strategies to recruit high quality campers and staff.

Communications & Alumni Relations Committee Members

"Mode" Jeremy Cluchey

"Colonel" Will Fleiss
Mike Forbes
Dave Griffiths

"Bos'n" Bob Holland

"Lt" Josh Lemaitre

"Cruiser" Meghan Lockwood

Sergio Mendoza
"Ensign" Skip Morse

"Commodore" Basil Murray - Chair
"Admiral" Darcy Phillips

"Gimpy" Karin Whitten

The Human Resources & Evaluation Committee facilitates the annual evaluation of the director by the Board members, with and for the Agawam Council president and Executive Committee. It also evaluates the Board itself, based upon member input, and helps develop evaluation criteria and techniques for other Council staff. The committee also helps design an equitable benefits package for the paid staff. As needed, the committee manages communication between the Board and the fulltime staff, and helps ensure successful transitions for key staff and Board leaders.

Evaluation & Human Resources Committee Members
"Lt" Chip Connolly - Chair
"Ace" Morgan Dunnan

"Capt." Peter Mason
"Corp" Steve O’Leary

"Admiral" Darcy Phillips
"Trapper" Oliver Reid
"General" Andy Rogers

The Governance Committee identifies individuals to serve on Agawam Council. Working with the Board, the director, the director of development, and director of alumni relations, the committee nominates members of the Board of Directors, officers of the corporation, trustees emeriti and new committee members. The Council president appoints the chairs and members of standing committees. The committee also oversees matters of governance and ethics.

Governance Committee Members

"Bos'n" Frank Anthony

"Slugger" S.J. Baxter - Chair
"Bos’n" Eric Calhoun
"Ranger" Jim Carroll
"Loot" Bob Fryer
"Colonel" Matt Gardner
"Commodore" Bob Gregg
"Cox’n" Rich Schaberg
"Capt." John Schmidt

The Long Range Planning Committee reviews the organization and structure of Agawam Council as defined in the By-Laws and implemented by the Board of Directors. It maintains and updates the Long Range Plan (LRP) by acting as a liaison between the director and the Board of Directors and integrating standing committee ideas and Board decisions into the LRP.

Long Range Planning Committee Members
"Capt" Pete Caesar - Chair
"Ranger" Jim Carroll
“Bos'n” Bob Holland
“Bowman” Scott Malm
“Trapper” Oliver Reid
“Admiral” Peter Wilson

The Program Committee oversees and evaluates activities conducted on Agawam Council properties. It reviews the camp director’s plans for program duration, enrollment, staff development, and recommendations for program improvement. It also researches program expansion and explores facility usage beyond the traditional camp season.

Program Committee Members

"Bos'n" Bill Auerswald

"Trapper" Dan Cluchey

"Ace" Morgan Dunnan
"Ensign" Jeff Henderer

Deb Hutchinson
"Cruiser" Meghan Lockwood - Chair
"Bowman" Scott Malm
"Chips" Steve Slovenski

"Coach" Alex Spence

"Sarge" Russell Sprole

Strategic Objectives of Agawam Council


Preserve the sense of place that is present on the Agawam campus, by seeking a balance of simplicity and prudent modernization in facilities and equipment, and by engaging the entire Agawam community in embracing responsible environmental management. Preserve the best of the past, as we move into the future.

Utilize good financial practices and planning in achieving a robust and sustainable level of operating performance, by diversifying our sources of funding beyond fully paid tuitions, and by generating increased financial aid and program support from endowments, annual fundraising, planned giving, and grants.


Deepen and broaden our ties with all of our constituents, by improving the quality and increasing the frequency and promptness of communications, by reinforcing a strong sense of belonging and connection, and by creating tangible opportunities to engage and to contribute meaningfully as stakeholders in Agawam's lasting success.


Focus on effective governance and preservation of institutional continuity as Agawam Council continues to evolve, by instilling a unity of purpose among board directors, committee members and staff, with absolute clarity of roles, responsibilities and expectations and with transparency in every quarter.


Focus on youth development programs true to our Mission, by maintaining and continuously improving our strong and vibrant Camp Agawam and the Main Idea programs, and by being opportunistic, incremental and entrepreneurial in considering new program initiatives.